Bill Grigsby Lifetime Achievement Award

The 2016 Bill Grigsby Award Winner is Shawna Mazietis

The Bill Grigsby Lifetime Achievement Award celebrates Bill Grigsby and his selfless contributions, dedication and love for Parkville, Missouri.

This award is presented annually by the Main Street Parkville Association to recognize and honor an individual who best exemplifies the qualities demonstrated by our beloved Bill Grigsby: community leadership, volunteerism, commitment, dependability, positive attitude and the ability to work with a variety of individuals and community organizations.

Recipient Qualifications

  1. The recipient does not have to be a resident of Parkville, Missouri. However, must be an active member of the community for 10 or more years.
  2. The recipient’s activities must benefit the residents of Parkville, Missouri and the Community.
  3. The recipient can be an individual, individuals and or, an organization or group.
  4. Our intent is to recognize one individual and or, individuals, who exemplifies the above qualities.

Award Criteria

  1. The recipient must have exhibited exceptional community participation as well as voluntarily committing their time.
  2. The recipient must have exhibited leadership in the community as well as demonstrating a strong character, the ability to communicate, the ability to listen, establishing good relationships, creativity and vision, a positive attitude, initiative and the ability to make decisions.
  3. The recipient must have had a significant impact for Parkville and the community.
  4. The recipient’s concerns and efforts must exceed the normal scope of volunteerism and community service.

Nomination Process

  1. The award is presented at the Main Street Parkville Association Annual Meeting in December and, to honor Bill Grigsby’s leadership for the annual Christmas on the River Celebration, will be announced publicly each year at that event.
  2. Nominations are solicited from Main Street Parkville Association members and from the community at large.
  3. Nomination forms are to be completed and submitted to the Main Street Parkville Association by November 15th. Each nomination form needs to include at least two letters of support for the nomination. These can be from individuals and/or community organizations.